Use Cases & Benefits

Excellar endeavors to bridge DeFi and TradFi, thus capturing the best of both worlds.

  • Greater Accessibility to real-world assets, anywhere from the ultra-liquid US Treasuries to otherwise isolated opportunities, which, along with fractional ownership, can pave the way to the democratization of investing for users across the world.

  • Superior Transparency as users will be able to see everything including holdings, income, and pricing, thus promoting trust in the investment process.

  • Income Generation will help users to build wealth and safeguard against inflation in a secure and low-risk way. Furthermore, through the integration with our lending platform xRepo, users can utilize their income-generating assets to borrow other supported crypto assets, paving the way for additional income streams and capital optimization.

  • Composability allows users to transfer tokenized fund interests on-chain through approved smart contracts and engage in financial transactions such as lending and trading. This will allow other developers to use the protocol as a building block in their applications, ultimately achieving a whole financial ecosystem that is compliant on-chain that is both secure and efficient.

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